The Rocket Star The Student News Site of Spring Grove High School Thu, 11 Nov 2021 17:38:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Classic Halloween Movie Review Thu, 11 Nov 2021 13:10:47 +0000 There are tons of classic Halloween movies, like Corpse Bride, Nightmare before Christmas, Clue, and Hocus Pocus. These movies are great classics to cuddle up with your favorite candy and watch on a dark and stormy night. These all time classics are perfect for a Halloween marathon.

A stop motion classic is Corpse Bride. Corpse Bride is the story of Victor, who in the beginning of the movie is engaged to Victoria, but ends up accidentally engaged to the dead bride Emily. Aspen Hack says “It was a good movie. I enjoyed the plot and would recommend it to a friend.”

Another gorgeous stop motion is Nightmare Before Christmas. In the Nightmare before Christmas it tells the story of Jack the Pumpkin King, who rules Halloween, and he finds Christmas and he tries to take it over. Sally, who is a resident of Halloween Town, tries to stop him before he ruins Christmas. Amberle Meckley says “It was cool, I liked the plot and when it was done it was just all around interesting.”

Taking a step away from the stop motion films and into a classic board game turned movie, Clue. Clue follows the characters from the classic board game, Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard, Miss White, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, and Mr. Green, as we try to solve a who-done-it mystery. Sophia Fontana says, “Love the different ending, amazing game too.”

Now we could not talk about Halloween classics without mentioning Hocus Pocus. The ever so popular Hocus Pocus starts off with Sanderson Sisters as they steal the youth from a young girl in the town of Salem, but they are caught and killed. Later on they are brought back to life and other residents of Salem are obligated to stop them. Hailey Graff calls it “An iconic original.”

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Questions YOU Asked Thu, 11 Nov 2021 13:07:50 +0000 Q: When do winter sports begin?

A: The winter sports season in SGAHS begins November 19th, 2021


Q: What sports are there?

A: Here our winter sports list includes the following: Basketball, Cheerleading, Wrestling, and Indoor Track.


Q:Where can I get a winter physical?

A: OSS health is an amazing place to receive your winter physical.


Q: Do I need any experience for any sports?

A: Nope, just come and try your best.

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9/11 Tribute Tue, 05 Oct 2021 17:03:43 +0000 3 men who survived the 9/11 attack were Don Basco (on the 59th floor of the first tower), Joe Dittmar (on the 105th floor in the South tower), and Ryan Yantis (who was outside of the pentagon that day). In a interview all of the 3 men were in the attack and are talking about this topic 20 years later.

Don Basco
Don Basco was a computer consultant on assignment with his company; he was only supposed
to be in New York City for a week and September 11th was his first day on the new job. He was
on the 57th floor of the North Tower when the first plane had hit and remembers all the building
swaying. Basco said, “I didn’t know if I should go up, down, take the stairs, or the elevator he just
didn’t know.” He then ended up going after his gut and walking down a flight of
stairs. Another thing he said was, “One thing I’ll never forget is the smell of jet fuel. The smell of
concrete dust. The sight of the firemen. I will never forget those things”. Basco still has the
clothes he wore that same day when the awful incident happened. Basco’s wife had woken him
up Sunday after a reporter had called to say that Bin Laden was dead.

Joe Dittmar
Joe Dittmar was working on the 105th floor in the World Trade Center in the South Tower when
the first plane had hit the North Tower. Dittmar vividly described it as “gaping black holes through
the sides of that building..gray and black billows of smoke pouring out of those holes, flames
redder than any red I’d ever seen before in my life, flicking up the side of the building”. Dittmar
had taken the train to Manhattan that morning from Philadelphia, so he decided to go back to
Penn Station and hop on a train and go back, get his rental car and then drive to Illinois. After his
eventful day he had spent the night at his parents house in Philadelphia.

Ryan Yantis
Yantis, who was a public affairs officer at that time, was in the pentagon watching the news on the TV when he had seen the first plane hit
the World Trade Center. Yantis left his office to escort a senior officer to a meeting held in
another part of the building but the officer couldn’t remember where. Yantis, with other volunteer
rescuers, spent the rest of the frenzied day carrying the victims on stretchers to safety. He knew
four of his fellow Pentagon workers who were in the attack. He spent 22 years in the U.S. Army,
first as a Cavalry officer in Germany and Korea, and later as a Public Affairs Officer in Europe
and Africa. He now is serving as a Communications Manager of the Illinois Department of
Veterans’ Affairs and is a Crystal Lake resident. Yantis said, “When the second one hit there was
no doubt in my mind this was a deliberate terrorist attack on America.” Also he says, “I saw that there were a couple of stretchers. I grabbed one and
started … helping carry people out.” Yantis is now 60 and retired from the Army as a lieutenant
colonel in 2006. Yantis is, a native of California, also a graduate of the University of Missouri, Columbia.

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Why do iPhones have so many Updates? Tue, 05 Oct 2021 16:52:31 +0000 Every iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any Apple device has several updates over time. The reason they have so many updates is to fix bugs within the device or to upgrade the security on the device. Even though Apple’s security is very good it still has its flaws. Apple usually has a few security breaches but nothing too serious.

Any device can be hacked but due to the amount of security it gets harder to hack another device. If a big cyber-attack would happen to Apple, the massive security breach would hurt Apple users. Not only would it hurt the people, but it would make Apple bad.

There are several ways to see if your Apple device was hacked. Signs your phone was hacked would be apps appearing you don’t recognize, your phone’s battery is draining faster than normal, or your credit card is used somewhere else. There are a lot of ways to tell. As long as you’re noticing these things, report it or take it to an Apple store to help prevent it from getting worse.

There are other electronic device companies like Android. They are another very popular device company. They also have frequent updates to their devices. They used to be targeted for their software for security breaches. They have updates to fix bugs and to have security increase.

Bluetooth is very known for being easy to hack into. Hackers have found it easier to connect to Bluetooth on devices. If the device trusts that random Bluetooth, they are able to hack your device.

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Found: Recent Victims of Disappearances Tue, 05 Oct 2021 16:43:40 +0000 25 year old missing grad student Jelani Day’s body was found in the Illinois River on September 4th.

Jelani had been missing since August 24th and was last seen in a Beyond / Hello cannabis dispensary chain store. His family had been looking for him after not being able to reach him on the night of August 23rd. Police located his car in a wooded area with the clothing he was last seen in inside.

A week later on September 4th police discovered an unidentified body while conducting an organized search. Dental records and DNA analysis was used to identify the body. Bloomington police have announced that the circumstances that Day went missing are unexplainable and suspicious.

The Jelani Day case reached new prominence after his family called for authorities to show attention to his case. They called for the same urgency that was given to the case of missing 22 year old Gabby Petito who has now been found dead. These cases have sparked discourse and online discussions about the racial disparity in which missing persons cases receives attention and if that racial disparity even exists.

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The New Trend of Theft Tue, 05 Oct 2021 16:39:11 +0000 Throughout August and September of 2021 thefts disguised as “Devious Licks” have been plaguing schools from across the country. From small items, like pencils, to necessary parts of the school, like toilets, nothing is safe from “Devious Licks”.

The originator of the trend was @jugg4elias on September 1 when they made a video on TikTok in which they stole a box of masks from their school. They captioned the video, “A month into school, absolutely devious lick”.

While the original “lick” was small, the scale of the theft committed under the guise of a trend has most definitely been on the rise.

Initial thefts, while still theft, were smaller items like pencils or food items. However, the importance of what was stolen rose exponentially when computers and fire alarms were being stolen as a part of the trend.

Certain schools have started press charges on children which have been caught participating in the trend. Depending on the amount, anyone caught participating in the trend may even be charged with a felony.

Due to the destruction caused by the onset of the trend, school bathrooms are being shut down and janitor’s jobs are becoming highly stressful.

Recently in Spring Grove, there was evidence of someone attempting to commit a “Devious Lick” on a light pole outside of the high school. Bolts were taken out of the pole in an attempt to take the pole out of the ground and remove it from the school grounds.

Recently, in an attempt to curb the trend, TikTok has removed most mentions of “Devious Licks” from the search. On September 15, 2021, TikTok tweeted, “We expect our community to create responsibly – online and IRL. We’re removing content and redirecting hashtags & search results to our Community Guidelines to discourage such behavior. Please be kind to your schools & teachers.”

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The Spotted Lantern Fly Tue, 05 Oct 2021 16:30:54 +0000 The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive species native to China and first found in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 2014. This specific species is kill-on-sight because of how dangerous the Spotted Lanternfly is to Pennsylvanian trees. Anytime you spot one you must report them to the hotline at 1-888-422-3359. There are a couple ways you can remove them yourself but reporting them is the best course of action.

Spotted Lanternfly, or SLF, is not hard to identify. Their life cycle begins in eggs masses. The egg masses of Spotted Lanternfly often look like gray pieces of gum stuck to a tree. Then the Spotted Lanternfly moves on to the early nymph stage looking like black beetles with white dots. The SLF then moves on to late nymph stages to add spots of red on its back with the white dots. Then it finally moves on to its adult stages, when its adult it closely resembles a cicada, but with grey wings and black spots. When the Spotted Lanternfly opens its wing a portion of the wings are a bright red. The Spotted Lanternfly isn’t very hard to identify at any stage of its life so when you see one you kill and report it.

Now, why is the Spotted Lanternfly kill-on-sight and why do you need to report it? The Spotted Lanternfly is incredibly dangerous to trees as it feeds on them and can cause a plethora of things to happen to the trees. The SLF can cause the tree to ooze sap, wilt the leaves, leaf curling, and dieback. Another thing the Spotted Lanternfly does to trees and other plants is leave behind a sugary substance called honeydew. This honeydew can very often grow black mold, which can cause the plants to get sick. These are all reasons why Spotted Lanternflies are so dangerous. They are also being tracked by many scientists to quarantine them before they hurt too many trees. So it is important to kill-on-sight and report.

It is very important that you report any findings of Spotted Lanternfly to an organization tracking them. The previously mentioned hotline or at the email

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Angelic Yields Mon, 04 Oct 2021 17:02:51 +0000 With the “Devious Licks” trend going around TikTok, a new trend has arisen called “Angelic Yields”. While the “Devious Lick” trend has people taking everything from pencils to televisions, the “Angelic Yields” trend has people bringing things to school from soap to cash and leaving it in the bathroom or just around the school.

The “Devious Lick” trend began on TikTok as an act of vandalism and theft in schools. Spring Grove became a victim of the trend as some students have stolen things from chargers to soap dispensers.

Outside of the Spring Grove Area School District the vandalism and crimes were even more severe. Examples of items stolen in other districts include: doors, busses, smart boards, televisions, wet floor signs, laptops, desktops, toilet paper, trash cans and cars. With the trend getting out of hand some schools are having only one bathroom open, security guards at all exits and ransoms for confessing who stole said items.

Then arose the newer “Angelic Yields” trend. The trend consists of people bringing, buying, or returning things to the school. The trend was popularized by the user @j. uher7 who captioned the TikTok: “Just hit the most angelic yield👼😇 No more devious licks here 👼😇 #fyp”. In the video @ j. uher7 had brought a roll of toilet paper to the school and left it on top of the toilet.

Another Angelic Yield was made by the user @ssalladd who brought an entire 32 in TV to school in the video and wrote “just hit another entertaining and generous yield 😇📺”. They then captioned the TikTok saying “licked this tv some time ago, decided to make up for it by giving it back to the community.” In the video it shows them taking the television out of its box and leaving it in the bathroom.

The last to be mentioned is user @yrbnelly who wrote in the video “Just hit the most angelic yield 🙄😇” where she left a large stack of cash in a bathroom stall. She captioned the video “Ok now this trend i can take part of 😂 #walmart #weatwalmarttwit #it #tho #angelicyield.”

Since the issue at hand has affected Spring Grove, I decided to meet up with SGAHS principal Dr. Dietrich to discuss the matter.

When the interview first began, I asked him what he would like to see from the entirety of the school. In reply he said, “What I would like to see is everyone treating the school like their home, so we shouldn’t be stealing or vandalizing.”

Furthermore, in my interview with Dr. Dietrich I asked his opinion on Angelic Yields and how some students return things in them – though not to the office, just to the place in which they were stolen. He stated that while the district would like to see items returned, there is no guarantee that proper punishment will not still be assigned.

I asked him since he does not agree with Angelic Yields what he thinks we should do. Here are the 3 things he said we can do to help:

  1. Share with your friends how ridiculous this [Devious Licks trend] is.
  2. Say something. Tell an adult. But stay respectful. No vigilantes.
  3. Make your goal to be better and to encourage others to do the same.


Now, you don’t have to bring something like money to pull an “Angelic Yield”. We are just popularizing doing the right thing. An Angelic Yield doesn’t have to be buying something for the school. Instead, if you pulled a “lick” you can just return what you stole and if you didn’t, then just help others. That’s truly the point of an Angelic Yield.

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Reunited Families at The Border Tue, 18 May 2021 14:10:04 +0000 On Monday the Biden Administration announced that this week they will reunite four families who were separated at the border.

The families from Mexico and Honduras have been separated from as far back as 2017. Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas refuses to reveal the identity of the families but describes the families as having children who were 3 year old at the time of separation. He also states that “ They are teenagers who have had to live without their parents during their most formative years”.

The decision to reunify is a drastically different approach to immigration than with the previous presidency. The Trump administration resisted the return of parents who were deported. Many believe that more than 5,500 families were separated under the previous administration. A federal judge forced them to reunite families but it did not help the ones separated before the case was filed.

Both sides of the political spectrum have expressed their concern about this new task force and Biden’s decision. Some say that Biden is encouraging unauthorized immigration at the border. Others say that Biden continuing to send asylum seekers back to danger is wrong.

The parents will return to the United States on humanitarian parole and are being considered for longer term legal status. Although only four families have reunited, the executive director of the family reunification task force, Michelle Brané, says that they will continue to reunify moving forward.

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Go Under The Sea this Year with Spring Grove’s Production of The Little Mermaid Jr. Wed, 14 Apr 2021 11:59:36 +0000 For this year’s musical, Spring Grove Area High School is doing The Little Mermaid Jr.

The show will be presented on April 23rd & 24th at 7pm, and April 25th at 2pm to a limited in-person audience in the Rohrbaugh Family Auditorium at SGAHS. The show will also be streamed to watch in the comfort of your own home. There will be a fee to view the livestream, just like there would be if you were in person and buying a ticket. As of today, tickets have been made public to staff and students. They are going fast, so those hoping to get a ticket should hurry! Prices are $9 for adults and $7 for students. Pick up your tickets in the front office at the high school.

For those unfamiliar with the story of The Little Mermaid, it is a tale of a young mermaid that has fallen in love with a human and wants nothing more than to be a human and spend her life with him. If you want to see how it ends, tune in the musical and find out.

The cast, crew and directors have been working very hard to make this musical the best it can be. They are rehearsing everyday to make this the most enjoyable musical they can for you. It is their hope that the show can bring some sense of happiness and normalcy to what was a very different school year.


Buy your tickets

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